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Tension Controller for machinery

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Function of Tension Controller

1. Prossessing graphic LCD wit Chinese and English display, and it can be operated simply.

2. The controlling function of the full-automatic tension sensor and the roll diameter tension can be optional.

3. Digitized design/non adjustable potentiometer/simple tension calibration process, accurate/stable/dependable tension measurement.

4. Receiving single/double sensor input singal, application to all kinds of the sensor as input singal.

  1) Selection special micto-displacement tension controller (input singal range is 220mV, power supply is 5V)

  2) Selection special train gauge tension controller (input singal range is 20mV, power supply is 10V)

5. Testing roll diameter through proximity switches to achieve the functions of taper tension control.

6. Possessing the functions of optional serial communication, selectiong the RS 232 communication interface to form a distributed control system with PLC, PC.

7. Using non overshooting tension in the process of the start and stop of the system by using non overshooting algorithm PID.

8. Possessing the funtion of biaxial switching and acceleration/deceleration contolling.

9. Bumpless switching in automatic/manual control mode.

10. Using password protection parameters to prevent accidental change.

Tension Controller for machineryTension Controller for machinery

Tension Controller for machineryTension Controller for machinery