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Micro Manual Tension controller STC-001 for printing machine

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Micro Manual Tension controller STC-001 for printing machine

The TC-001 Series is a compact manual tension controller that provides excitation current for magnetic powder clutches/brakes, hysteresis clutches/ brakes, and more.

It is very suitable for the situation with little current for each channel where a multi-channel tension control is required on a device such as a slitting machine, printing machine, or cable processing.

The manual tension controller is small in size and easy to install.

Installation dimensions

Micro Manual Tension controller STC-001

Function: Tension Controller STC-001
1) Power supply: DC 26~28V/5A
2) Small size and thin
3) Max. output current can reach 4.00A, adjustable step-in 0.01A
4) No fan for heat dissipation
5) Can record the output current value without operation for 5 seconds
6) With forbid output/ allow output function
7) With short circuit protection
Price: $60/pc
MOQ: 1pc
Payment term: T/T, Western union
Delivery term: EXW
Validity: 10 days
Lead time: 3-7 days

Micro Manual Tension controller STC-001Micro Manual Tension controller STC-001