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Basic Components of Web Guide Control System

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Web Guide Control system

Sunrise Group web guide control system is typically a mechanical structure that makes contact with the material and moves the web material. Depending on the type of web guide, the shape and size of the guide mechanism are varied. An actuator moves the web guide mechanism to guide the web at the appropriate location.

A web edge sensor or a web position sensor detects the position of the web materials. This measurement is used to determine and control the desired position of the materials.

The web guide controller is the brain of the web guiding system. The controller uses the measurement from the sensor to determine the necessary corrective action. The controller then command the actuator to move the guide mechanism to actively control the web position.

Design of Web Guide Control System

The design includes two rollers (or more) on the web guide mechanism that rotate about an imaginary pivot point. Hence they are also called an offset-pivot guide.

The two rollers guide platform enables pure displacement of the web with minimal bending stresses on the web. This pure displacement action enables web correction with minimal entry and exit span requirements.

Sunrise will find the best web guide control system

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