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Why Select Sunrise£§s Magnetic Powder Brake

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Magnetic Powder Brake

Sunrise¡¯s magnetic powder brake is based on the electromagnetic principle and uses magnetic powder to transmit torque. When the magnetic coil is not conducting electricity, the torque will not be transmitted from the input shaft to the output shaft, but if the coil is magnetized, the magnetic force will attract the magnetic powder to produce the hardening phenomenon, and the torque will be transmitted between successive slides. Moreover, it has the feature that the excitation current and the transmitted torque are basically linear. It has nothing to do with slip and can transmit a certain torque, and has the advantages of fast response, simple structure, no pollution, low noise, no shock vibration, energy saving, etc. It is a multi-purpose automatic control element with superior performance.

Why Select Magnetic Powder Brake

1. High-precision and wide torque control, high accuracy control, the transmitted torque in the correct proportion to the exciting current form a high precision control.

2. Constant torque and fast response, Adopting imported super alloy magnetic powder with superior heat resistance, the output torque is constant, fast induction speed, and can work at high pass.

3. Quiet and stable operation, using high temperature resistant coil and special bead grease bearing, smooth running, no shock, no vibration, and no noise.

4. Novel design, excellent heat dissipation, long service life, Adopting uniform cooling structure of heat deformation and excellent heat dissipation design, low temperature rise and long service life.


1. Maintain, connection,

2. Braking, variable speed

3. Positioning, continuous sliding

4. Cushioned starting, torque limiting,

5. Load prevention

6. Precise tension control.

Installation and Use

1. Magnetic powder brake adopts DC as excitation power supply.

2. Magnetic powder brakes do not support the installation method of the radial bearing main power transmission.

3. For the first use of the magnetic powder brake, power off after 10 seconds of operation then power on, repeating several times. ensuring the fluidity and uniform distribution of magnetic particles.

4. The magnetic powder brake cannot be used exceeding normal torque and rotation speed, otherwise the life of the magnetic powder will decrease sharply.