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Meet your purchasing challenge easily!

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Name£ºIvan Sokolov
Position£ºProject manager
At the middle of April 2006, I need to purchase 5 sets safety chucks and 10 key type air shafts  and  2 core chucks which can be delivered in early May. I made inquiries to many factories, most of which turned me down because of the pressure of time. When I was worried about it, one of my friends introduced SUNRISE to me.

I sent an email, wishing to get satisfied response. As expected, they replied my enquiry immediately, along with the details about what the unit price would be and when to deliver. Thus, we began our cooperation, making the delivery date on 5th May. Unexpectedly, all of the safety chucks and air expanding shafts as well as the air adapters were ready for delivery on 1st May, 5 days in advance! So fast the speed is which made me to meet my purchasing challenge easily.

We have kept our cooperation pleasantly for 6 years, now SUNRISE is my most important supplier in China, Manager Tang and I am now good friends.