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Sunrise Group Load Cell

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Sunrise Group LOAD CELL


Sunrise Group the load cells used for web tension control. The inner ring in the form of a bi-directional strip ensures centered mounting of the ball bearing. The radial forces created by the web unbalance the strain gauges linked together to form a measuring bridge on the inner ring. This leads to an analog output signal proportional to the web tension.


Sunrise Group the load cells can be used for web tension control in practically all processing plants where web-type materials are processed or finished. In front of processing stations, in particular, it is of fundamental importance that the web is transported with a continuous web tension.


1. Low hysteresis

2. Temperature compensation

3. Full-bridge strain n resistance

4. Excellent linearity and stability

5. Apply to idler roller and live round roller detecting

6. With maximum overloading to 500% of rated loading


With a 90¡ã horizontal-vertical wrapping angle on the measuring roller and a horizontal measuring direction, optimum web tension measurement is assured. Only detection of the bearing forces on both sides by the tension sensor can prevent incorrect measurements caused by the web moving sideways and asymmetrical web tension distribution.